Ms Natalia, Mother of Alexandra (2 years old). Russia.

We enrolled Alexander in Mulberry Learning at Shenton Way in September 2017 and so far, my husband and I have been happy with our decision. As working parents, this school is very convenient for us because it is near our office.

Out of all the schools we visited, Mulberry Learning is the most spacious and has the best facilities. The environment here is focused on children and making them feel safe and loved. There are places for children to play with sand, toys, water and even a slide – which Alex enjoys very much. They even have an extraordinary baby spa which I believe no other school has. Every morning when I drop Alex off, he will just say goodbye and run off to see his friends and teachers. We were really surprised to see how excited he is about going to school.

What is valuable to me as a parent, is how much the teachers share with us to keep us updated on our child’s daily activities in school. This feels like a personal touch because the teachers even send me pictures of Alex in school. Not to mention the family activities we get to join in. The last time we participated in an event, we spent 3 hours with other parents, children and teachers watching the shows that they have prepared. As parents, we can see that this is a great place for children to learn and grow. We’re really happy that we joined Mulberry Learning.


Ms Sarune Semino, Mother of Darian. Lithuanian / German

Darian has been attending Mulberry Learning since December 2017 and it’s only been 10 months but I’ve seen him slowly exhibiting good behaviours and habits that he’s picked up from school. He is turning 3 years old soon but he shows interest in reading and is now able to put away his toys after he is done playing. I like that he is becoming more curious about his surroundings and when he comes home, he asks me lots of questions.

I chose to send Darian to Mulberry Learning because the school is very spacious and the teachers are very caring towards Darian. Of course, the location is very convenient for us and the school is relatively new and has nice facilities for children. I feel like the school’s bright open space and many play areas has sparked Darian’s curiousity and he enjoys going to school so much that when he comes home, he asks to do the same activities like drawing and water play!

I like that parents are occasionally invited to join in on the activities. Like for Mother’s Day this year, we had a very nice celebration together. The teachers and children prepared many surprises for the mummies. We had breakfast together and they even made us little gifts. What I appreciated the most was that they prepared a video for us where the children were saying how much they loved their mothers. It was very unexpected and I was touched to see that Darian, as young as he is, is able to participate and show me how much he has learnt and is able to do, with the guidance of his teachers.

Other Testimonials

In a blink of eyes, this year marks the final year of my son Bosco in Mulberry Learning Centre, Tanjong Pagar. Bosco started from a child who doesn’t even able to speak a complete sentence in Mandarin, to now being able to recite a Li Bai poem.

The curriculum of the centre provides a truly holistic exposure to the kids. I loved the fact that meals are prepared by school’s kitchen, including snacks given during tea breaks unlike some other schools which only provide biscuits during tea breaks. As a working mother, time to prepare home cooked food is limited and truly appreciate that the centre ensures the kids’ health are not compromised in terms of meals. During June and Dec, centre arranges excursions every week for 1 month, and kids get the chance to learn out of classroom. This is really an excellent approach, and definitely aid in the kids general knowledge and igniting their interest in further learning.

All teachers in the centre are ever so patient and loving, like treating the kids as their own. Coming towards the end of Bosco’s preschool journey, I think I’m may be feeling more jittery than Bosco himself, as I’m always feeling so assured dropping him at school every morning, since I knew he is in excellent hands. Regular updates from the teachers always send a smile during any time of my day!


Special credits to Zhang Laoshi, Teacher Cherry, Teacher Sherissa, Lin Laoshi, Wang Lao shi & Teacher Iris. Thank you for being part of Bosco’s preschool days, nurturing him with love and knowledge.


If any of my friends/relatives ask about Bosco’s preschool, I am always proud to say “Mulberry @ Tanjong Pagar”.

-Ms Cindy Tan, Mummy of Bosco

We have enrolled our daughter, Georgia in Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East since N1 as we were impressed with the energy and enthusiasm as shown by the Principal, Mandy and her dedicated teachers.

Georgia always looked forward to go to Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East almost every-day. She has learned and communicated well especially during K1 and K2 for both her English and Mandarin. I can still remembered that she even enjoyed the food served during lunch at the JE centre especially the fried rice so much that she always asked her grandma to cook during weekends.

Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East also organised frequent events and concerts to allow both children and parents to get together, to participate and to enjoy it. It was a great family bonding for busy working parents like us. We have actively attended and enjoyed most of the events very much.

Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East has prepared Georgia well especially during the final year at K2 for her to transit to primary school. As a parent, we are appreciative and thank you Mulberry for creating a nice journey from kindergarten to primary school for our Georgia!

-Mr Bob Lim, Daddy of Georgia Lim (Graduated 2013, Currently in Nanyang Primary School)

There is great assurance for us parents when our children are thriving in an environment. Our girls love going to school and we are constantly amazed at what they’re learning in Mulberry. At home they’ll share with us the things and songs they learned and the fun they have with their friends esp @ water/sandplay/outings. The programs they signed up for are also very enjoyable for them.. Sportybot and Busy baker.. English speech and drama has also helped our older girl Aletheia overcome anxiety and stage fright. She froze on stage for her 1st 2 years during the year end concert. Appreciate the speech and drama teacher (dunno her name :() and encouraging M teachers who cheered her on and walked this journey with Aletheia for a few years.

-Ms Elaine

Xuan Zheng graduated from Mulberry Learning in 2016. He had a smooth transition into primary one, largely due to the strong foundation in literacy and strengths of character acquired from Mulberry Learning system of education. He has performed well academically. Beside coming in top in school, he was also awarded the MOE education merit award. All his teachers feedback that he is a brilliant boy with a vibrant imagination and an inquiring mind.

Xuan Zheng often reminisce about his wonderful time in Mulberry Learning with his good friends and dedicated teachers. Following his footsteps, Xuan Zheng’s younger brother will also be enrolling in Mulberry Learning in Jan 2019. We are confident that he will also benefit from Mulberry Learning’s comprehensive and holistic development programme.

-Ms Shandy Tang, Mummy of Xuan Zheng (Student currently in Nan Hua Primary)

Mulberry is by far the best childcare for my kids. My elder son changed 4 times of childcare before he finally settled in Mulberry. The all-rounded learning programs have enabled my kids to be smart not just academically but also socially. The teachers are so loving and always give their 110% to the kids. It’s really amazing on how my kids love playing and bonding with the teachers. Despite we moved house, we let our kids continue their childcare journey in Mulberry. I always recommend Mulberry to my friends who are looking for childcare, especially Tanjong Pagar Mulberry. Thank you teachers.

– Ms Anny Huang, Mummy of Tristan Lee

Mulberry Learning has provided a holistic education and growth for my daughter allowing her to have strong fundamentals in languages and mathematics which translates to easier adaptations to primary school education as well as having a set of good social skills allowing her to make friends and get along with her new classmates easily.

-Ms Louis Toh (Graduated in 2014, currently in Nan Hua Primary School, Received Edusave Merit award)