Learning Spaces

A unique school in Woodlands

Mulberry Learning’s secret lies in teaching our kids through environmental exploration. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia pedagogy, our centre does not confine children to rooms and sit them down for long lectures all day.

Classroom with No Walls

Learning must happen even outside classrooms. Mulberry kids have fun exploring more than 8 different learning spaces and treat their environment as the classroom. As the only preschool network in Singapore certified by the USA for Habits of Mind, we’re committed to fostering a child’s curiosity and love for independent learning.

Make your kid love going school.


Indoor Playground

Children need space to explore and learn. It is the school’s duty to give them a safe area to help develop this continued growth. Our indoor play area is one of the equipped in Woodlands, boasting features such as a trampoline, fixtured swings and even a bouncy castle!


Discovery Cove

In this, our little detectives enter a world of discovery and exploration. This corner amplifies their problem-solving skills and critical thinking as they search for clues, investigate, explore, think, predict, and analyze like a young sleuth who’s cracking a big mystery.


Reading Nook

Teaching the kids the love for reading is one of our goals as we understand how it is an important part of building a life-long learner. Our Reading Nook provides the perfect retreat for children to indulge in whatever piques their interest!


Transient Art

Loose parts of certain things are great pieces of art once children put their imagination into it. They can move, manipulate, combine, redesign, take part and change while they play at the same time. Many “what-if” scenarios arise from this activity and it helps promote the children’s problem-solving and critical reasoning skills.


Imaginary Playscape

There are “make-believe” play areas to help stimulate the imagination of children and grown-ups alike Children naturally loves to role-play, so this corner provides just the right tools for them to exhibit their imagination and momentarily become the figure they aspire towards.


Busy Baker

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they cook up a storm. The Busy Baker corner not only comes with all the inventory required for kitchen play, but allows students to bake fully edible pastries under the close supervision of their teachers!


Construction Piazza

Many skills are developed when playing with blocks and buildings. In these activities, the children manage to release their creative, imaginative, and cognitive thinking skills. It is also where children could work on their problem-solving skills, spatial relationships, social skills, and fundamental Math skills.


Light Atelier

Be awed by learning about the ways in which light and shadows interact with the world around us. Play and learn how this incredible element functions and get creative with the shadow play that comes as a result of its obstruction.