Cleanliness and Safety

Cleanliness and safety are often the top considerations when parents choose a preschool for their little one. Mulberry Learning @ Woodlands saves no effort in these aspects to ensure our school comes up top among all school in the northern region of Singapore.

Largest Space:Child Ratio

Cramped spaces are not just noisier and restrict learning for children but they can also pose a major safety concern. Imagine 50 extra kids going up the same flight of narrow stairs at lunchtime.


Schools spanning 6,000+ square feet usually get approved by ECDA for a capacity of 80 – 120 kids. Similar to Staff:Child ratios, pushing the boundaries makes perfect business sense. However, as this comes at the cost of safety, our school has taken the decision to cap our childcare capacity at 30% fewer children.

30% more space, 30% less noise and a 100% safer environment.

With more than 10 years of experience in major restaurant chains, let Chef Justin whip up a tasty and wholesome meal to help our kids grow big and strong.


Germ-free Environment

To prevent the spreading of illnesses, toys and learning areas are sanitized daily after every session. In addition, the air in the centre is kept clean by commercial grade air purifiers that run throughout centre operating hours.

The school also chooses not to rely on a single cleaner to keep the entire premise clean. Mulberry Learning @ Woodlands goes the extra mile and hires professionals 3 times per week to clean all areas within the school.

Feel free to tour our school barefoot, or with white socks. Your socks will still be white at the end of the tour.