Infant Care

INFANT (2 – 17 months old)

Teacher-to-Child Ratio: 1 to 3

Our Infant Care Programs are structured as full-day and half-day childcare options.

The infant room is especially made for babies. In here, we make sure to take care of your child’s feeding, napping, and developmental needs. Our specialized kitchen prepares healthy food options like organic cereals, nutritious porridge, and fresh fruit puree. Breastfeeding mothers are also welcome along with our halls as we have a special place provided for them as private nursing spaces in most of our centers. Our trained infant educators engage your child’s senses through soft talk, music, and gentle touch. Your child explores the surroundings that are aided by classic toys, musical instruments, textural materials, and gym equipment. All of these are under the supervision of our educators which means that your child can have a safe and nurturing environment.


The infant care developmental framework comprises of the 5 main pillars:

Multi-Sensory Learning

Thematic Discovery

Music & Stories

Muscle Development

Self Exploration

These developmental outcomes are achieved through special programs that are infused into the daily schedule of the infants.

Colorful World

Every other week, we introduce a new theme that will focus on your child’s daily encounter. Some examples of our themes are “Water”, “I Love You” and “Peek-a-Boo”. We make sure that these themes are full of fun and rich in hands-on experiences. We believe that each child can embark on their personal learning journey when they are given well-designed learning environments.

Little Explorer

Children are known to be natural explorers who are simply curious and fascinated by the world around them. Every morning, we make sure that we have different materials to arouse their interest and curiosity, and to encourage them to explore their environment. We also observe your child’s interests and responses to tailor their next learning adventures.

Musical Stimulation

Studies show that music has a positive impact on an infant’s creativity, spatial intelligence, emotional growth, and cognitive development. Therefore, we make it a point to expose your child to different genres of music daily to stimulate your child’s growth and to foster their creative mind from a young age.

Rhymes and Stories

Besides musical stimulation, infants are also exposed to nursery rhymes, poems, and short stories. To get their attention, we have animated songs and story-telling sessions which will aim to stimulate their speech development. From cooing and babbling to finally saying their first words, we will help your child quickly build their language foundations.

Muscle Master

Physical movement and exercise are important. That’s why our center has a wide range of baby gym equipment like cruising bars, floor mats, gym blocks, push cars, see-saws, and various balls. Each day, your child has an ample amount of time to get up and get moving by flexing both big and small muscles, practicing hand and eye coordination and developing their spatial awareness.

First Touch

This aspect of learning is designed to enable sensory experiences. During these sessions, infants are guided to explore their surroundings with their five senses through a range of activities, objects, and thematic experiences. They can experience all of these through touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. With this, they are able to examine, discover, and comprehend what’s happening in the world around them.