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Mulberry Learning Centre started with a dream of creating well-rounded children with imaginative young minds, positive attitudes and strength in character , because to a child, every second is a moment to discover and invent their future.

There is always something to unravel – a mystery sighting, a new quest, a hidden treasure.

At Mulberry, we aim to see the eyes of our children light up with awe and excitement, allowing their imagination to fly high while gently guiding them towards a greater learning journey – like a kite soaring in the sky. We give them space to freely explore and express their unique ways. Under the shelter of a giant tree, they draw, sing and dance, learning academics while fortifying personal development. We believe that the potential of young minds are unlimited. We build the children’s strong roots and support their growth as they chase their dreams into the distant horizon. We believe that children can mindfully scale mountains, and create everything they can fathom.

Certified by the Institute for Habits of Mind

With our core mission, we are proud that we are the first preschool network in the world certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind.

Over the years, our unique pedagogy has touched the lives of many children and parents, recognized for our vibrant Reggio-inspired learning spaces, comprehensive bilingual programs, holistic development outcomes, and strengths in character development through the Habits of Mind program. We have won “Best Holistic Learning Program” in the Young SG Parents’ Choice award for 3 years consecutive years. Also awarded “Best in Promoting Positive Learning” in the Best of the Best Preschool Awards and we are the first ever preschool network in the world certified by “The Institute for Habits of Mind” from the USA.

Hi! Let me know if you have any questions about our school. I'd be happy to answer them or personally take you on a school tour. :)
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