Infantcare & Childcare Services


  • 30%-50% more space per kid than other similarly sized centres
  • Quieter and less cramped environment
  • Centre staff to kids ratio at 1:7 even at full capacity
  • TWO extra layers of germ prevention to safeguard spreading of illnesses

Classrooms With No Walls

Learning must happen even outside classrooms.
Mulberry kids have fun exploring more than 8 different learning spaces and treat their environment as the classroom. As the only preschool network in Singapore certified by the USA for Habits of Mind, we’re committed to fostering a child’s curiosity and love for independent learning.

Make your kid love going school.

Transient Art

Loose parts are beautifully found objects or natural materials that children can move, manipulate, combine, redesign, take part, and change while they play. When children interact with those parts, many “what-if” scenarious emerge, and these promote their problem-solving and critical reasoning skills.

Atelier in Action

The atelier is a piece of wonder for children to explore and create with the many types of materials and media present. Ateliers are equipped with paint, paper, crayons, pencils clay, dough, wire, beads, loose parts and a wide range of recycled and natural materials made available for the children to express freely the “hundreds languages of children”.

Reading Nook

Inculcating a love for reading is an important part of building a lifelong learner. Our Reading Nook provides the perfect retreat to children to indulge in whatever piques their interest!

Discovery Cove

Our little detectives enter a world of discovery and exploration. They search for clues, investigate explore, think, predict and analyze, like a young sleuth cracking a big mystery!

Construction Plazza

Many skills are developed during block and building play, such as creative, imaginative and cognitive thinking skills. Children also work on problem-solving skills, spatial relationships, social skills and fundamental Math skills.

Imaginary Playscape

“Make-believe” play areas help to stimulate the imagination of children and grown-ups alike. Children simply love to role-play, so our special corners provide the tools to imagine and momentarily become the figure they aspire towards!


Ms Natalia, Mother of Alexandra (2 years old), Russia

What is valuable to me as a parent, is how much the teachers share with us to keep us updated on our child's daily activities in school. This feels like a personal touch because the teachers even send me pictures of Alex in school. Not to mention the family activities we get to join in.

Ms Sarune Semino, Mother of Darian, Lithuanian / German

Darian has been attending Mulberry Learning since December 2017 and it’s only been 10 months but he shows interest in reading and is now able to put away his toys after he is done playing. I like that he is becoming more curious about his surroundings and when he comes home, he asks me lots of questions.

Shandy Tang, Mummy of Xuan Zheng, Singapore

Xuan Zheng graduated from Mulberry Learning in 2016. He has performed well academically. Beside coming in top in school, he was also awarded the MOE education merit award. All his teachers feedback that he is a brilliant boy with a vibrant imagination and an inquiring mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (Infantcare)

Do the infants play at the playground?
Yes. They will take turns with the childcare children and after each play, the playground will be sanitized.
When will infants have solid food?
Meals are customized for every individual infant. Usually at 4 to 6 months old, we start feeding puree. Parents will have to inform the teachers on the types of puree that the child has tried and we will only serve those on this list.
How do you prevent infectious diseases?
Infants will be checked upon arrival, for temperature and visible red spots. There will also be a 2nd round of health checks during mid-day. Any time we find that the child is unwell or showing signs of discomfort, we immediately inform the parents to discuss a follow-up action.
What do the teachers do if child cries non-stop?
Our extremely low staffs to student ratio ensures that anytime an infant cries, there will always someone to comfort him/her by soothing or carrying the infant to calm him/her down. The teacher will also check the reason (diaper change, hunger, sleepy etc) and take necessary follow-up actions.
Why can’t parents enter the infant room?
We do this to protect other babies from being anxious or nervous due to a stranger in the room and also to minimize the potential spreading of germs through increased human contact. We take utmost care in ensuring our infant environment stays clean and quiet.
What is the mode of communication?
There will be an individual file for each infant and all routines will be recorded in the file. Parents may check an infant’s routines anytime of the day. Parents can also use the Class DoJo app to message the teachers directly. Finally, the school’s direct line is always open to parents in case of urgent cases.

Frequently Asked Questions (Childcare)

When will you start toilet training?
Normally we will start at N1 or when the child is able to communicate through basic speech. Do note that toilet training has to be carried out in both school and also at home and we will require your cooperation in this.
Do you serve Halal food?
Although our menu is not Halal certified, we need to cater to our Muslim children. Hence our food contains no pork or lard and is supplied by halal sources.
Do you feed the children?
We always encourage children to be independent and learn to self- feed. Teachers will guide the children on feeding and will assist the children if needed.
How often do we sanitize the centre?
We sweep, vacuum and mop daily. All areas are also sanitized twice daily (before the arrival of children and after the children leave). A thorough wet washing of toys is done on a weekly basis. Air purifiers run throughout the day. Finally, we go a step further than other centres by getting certified professionals to do a disinfection of the entire premise on a monthly basis.
Do you have an outdoor play area?
Similar to other centres in Woodlands and Yishun, we do not have access to outdoor facilities within our centre. Instead, we have one of the biggest and best equipped indoor play areas in northern Singapore. We also organize monthly library and Spectra’s Garden visits for the children.
How often do you have celebrations or parent involvement programs?
We have monthly local and international celebrations for the children and parental involvement programs are held at least once a term.
Can the parents follow the child on the first day of school?
Yes! You’re more than welcome to join us but we advise parents to look for cues and observe the child’s behaviour on the 1st day. Half days are recommended as we do not want to overwhelm the child on his/her very first day.


21 Woodlands Close

#01-01-/02/17 Primz Bizhub

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Phone: 63974988

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